>Treat Well Our Earth: Take Immediate Preserved to Conserve

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized




With the advent of technology and increase in use of natural resources there a lot of problems that the earth is facing today. Today there are a lot of issues which need our attention immediately. Some of the major issues are global warming and hole in the ozone layer.

Today if we were to think of a world without vehicles, electricity and a lot such facilities we would be feared. But in order to help Mother Nature it is time for us to act and act quickly.

One would say how we can help our earth and what should we do. A few of the simple steps recommended in this article can be followed by all of us in our day to day life to show your love towards earth.

But first we need to understand what the threats are which we are aiming to eliminate. Global warming means the increase in temperature of the atmosphere on earth. This increase in temperature is due to deforestation and many other reasons. The hole in ozone layer is the depletion of the ozone layer and reduction in its thickness. This hole in ozone layer is increasing due to increase in emissions of gases like carbon dioxide, CFC and other gases

In order to curb deforestation we need to plant more trees and encourage increasing the forest areas in our locality. But as we need more and more space for development simple steps like planting of saplings in our gardens and house can help. Hence we can contribute a bit from our side to reduce deforestation and hence curb global warming.


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