>Building evaluation schemes: towards international coordination

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized


Because of the variety of challenges raised by sustainable construction, building evaluation can be highly complex. For this reason, tools have been developed to help measure the results and evaluate the success of these buildings.

Today, interest in sustainable “green” building is growing worldwide, as shown in the map. There are a number of excellent and well proven environmental evaluation schemes already in existence, which are supported by ISOVER; these include LEED in the USA, BREEAM in the UK, HQE in France and CASBEE in Japan.

More information on www.wbcsd.org

As different national evaluation schemes are developed, however, there is a clear need for coherence and consistency. Common definitions, evaluation criteria and metrics based on sound scientific grounds are essential. That is why ISOVER supports the on-going standardization work at European level (CEN TC 350(1)), and why Saint-Gobain, as an associate member of the SB Alliance project, is working to define common rules which will make national labels compatible and promote mutual recognition of the different schemes.



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