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Feasibility Studies — Is Project Worth Doing?

A feasibility study determines if a project is really useful to do.
Project Management Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Study — Can You Mange It?
Project Feasibility Study Samples
New Tools for Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies
How to Develop a Prototype
Have Your Project Demo Ready

Project Planning — How Do We Determine Project Outcomes, Goals and Objectives?

Overview of Project Planning

Project planning includes specifying the overall goals to be achieved by the project, phases of the project, the objectives associated with each goal, responsibilities to achieve each objective. Planning might also include specifying milestones or deliverables to be produced, and timelines for achieving the objectives and milestones.
Steps in Project Planning
Five Steps to Initiating a Project
Project Management Planning
Assumptions When We Plan and Define Projects
Planning a Project — Sample Project Plans
Planning a Project — the Basics
Planning a Project
Project Planning and Life Cycle
Project Planning (an extensive chapter)
What is Success in Project Management?
How to Use Software to Plan and Prioritize Projects
Putting a people focus into project management
The Project Quality
The Project Scope
Tips for Project Management
Kick-Starting Your Projects; What You Should Know about Defining Scope

When Working from Requirements

Some projects do planning by working from an initial set of project requirements. The requirements might have come from other stakeholders, or people who have a strong interest in the project and/or will be affected by the project.
Incose: International Council on Systems Engineering – defining customer needs and requirements in (project) systems
Overview on requirements management by UK’s Office of Government & Commerce
Open Architecture Requirements Management

Some Tools for Project Planning

Project Proposal Writing
Generic Project Proposal Template
Project Proposal and Initiation Templates

Statement of Work
Writing a Statement of Work
How a Statement of Work Can Save Your Project

Project Charter
Project Charter Example
How to Create Your Project Charter

What is a Workforce Breakdown Structure?
Workforce Breakdown Structure

Workforce Breakdown Structure
Dependency Structure Matrix

Resource Allocation — What Do We Need to Implement Project Plan (People, Money, Scheduling)?

Resource allocation identifies the resources needed and schedules their involvement. It might also consider the efficient integration of those resources and do contingency planning in case certain resources are not sufficient or available. Some planners might include budgeting as part of the resource allocation process.
Resource Allocation
Effective Project Team and Resource Allocation
Simple, More Practical Approaches to Actual Resource Allocation
The Cost of Unrealistic Deadlines
Splitting a Project Into Small Bits
Estimating Project Costs
Hierarchy of Project Objectives
Keys to Resource Allocation

Project Management Resource Allocation
Resource Allocation: Do You Overwork Your Resources?
Resource Leveling
Total Cost Management
The Project Budget
The Project Schedule

Some Tools for Resource Allocation

Project Management Budgeting Tools
Project Budget and Reporting Tools

Gantt Charts
Gantt Chart links

Resource Leveling tools
Resource Leveling

Risk Management Analysis of Project — What Could Go Wrong?

Risk management involves identifying real and potential risks in the project and how to respond to each. It’s best if the risks are identified in a comprehensive and systematic approach.
Project Risk Management Principles
Overview of Project Risk Management
Improving Project Risk Management
10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management
Project Management: Risk Management
Many Blog Posts About Project Risk Management

Some Tools for Risk Management

A Consistent Project Risk Assessment Tool
Risk Management Tools

Ethical Analysis of Project — Are We In Conformance, Morally?

Ethics is clarifying what’s morally right and wrong, and influencing that actions are morally right. Ethics can include codes of ethics, codes of conduct, guidelines to resolve ethical dilemmas and training about these ethics tools. Ethics applies in all aspects of project management.
The Role of Ethics in Project Management
Business Ethics
Ethics in Project Management
Ethics Problems in Project Management
Ethics in Project Management
Customers and Suppliers?

PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
Project Management Ethics and Rules of Conduct



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