>Implementation of Project Plan

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— How Do We Ensure Implementation, While Managing Change?

To Ensure Implementation of the Project Plan

The best practices to ensure implementation of the plan actually start early in the planning process. The practices are the same, whether for strategic, business or project planning.
How to Ensure Implementation of Your Plan

To Manage Change During Implementation of the Project Plan

Implementation of important plans, such as strategic, business and project plans, usually impact the strategy, structure and/or operations of the organization. Therefore, it’s important that project managers understand at least some basics about managing change in organizations.
Organizational Change and Development

Earned Value Management — How Do We Measure Progress and Value?

Earned value management measures the progress and value of a project, especially during implementation. When done comprehensively and systematically, it can reduce cost and provide early detection of problems.
What is Earned Value?
An Overview of Earned Value Management
Earned Value Management for Project Performance Measurement
Earned Value Management
Why Tracking Percent Complete for Project Tasks Doesn’t Work
US DoD – EVM Website – substantial resource on EVM
Dr David Christensen – EVM Bibliography

Some Tools for Earned Value Management

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
How to Use a PERT Chart for Project Management

Why Critical Path is Critical to Project Management
Critical Path Method

Earned Value Analysis in Project Cost Estimate
Track Earned Value

Communicating Your Project — What Do We Communicate to Whom and When?

It’s extremely important to communicate project plans, status and results to stakeholders. Many project managers would agree that this is one of the biggest problems in project management.
Project Communication is Critical!
Project Communication
Methods for Distributing Information on Projects
Real-World Project Communications
10 Tips for Creating Effective Project Reports

Some Tools for Communicating Project Plans and Status

Communications Management Matrix
What Are Some Effective Communications Tools for Managers?

Evaluating Projects and Results – How Do We Evaluate Implementation and Project Results?

Project evaluation is done during project implementation and after completion in order to assess the quality of activities and achievement of results.

Project Management Evaluation
Project Evaluation and Review Technique
Methods for Evaluating Project Performance
An Objective Method for Evaluating Project Managers’ Performance
Systematic Planning and Evaluating the Project Management Effort
Using Return on Investment to Evaluate Project Management Training

Performance management process

Some Tools for Evaluating Projects

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
How to Use a PERT Chart for Project Management

When Projects Are in Trouble — What Pitfalls Could Occur and What Do We Do If They Occur?

Why Does Project Management Fail?
Tips for Coping with Troubled Projects

Kitchen-Sink Syndrome (Project Creep)
Pragmatic Project Management Requires Focus to Avoid Creep
Prevent Project Cost Overruns With These Four Essential Processes
A New Approach of Project Cost Overrun and Contingency Management
How to Kill a Troubled Project
Project Pitfalls from Symptoms to Solution
One Project – Multiple Consulting and Freelance Clients
Surprise! The Scope of This Project Isn’t What You Thought
Top 10 Issues for Project Managers
Reasons Why Projects Fail
Project Management, initiative, leadership: How to Avoid a Work Burnout
5 Strategies for Dealing with Project Management Chaos




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