>Overviews of Project Management (including Project Manager)

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The following links provide an overview of the project management process, starting with some definitions.
Project Planning A Step by Step Guide
Project Management
Solid Overview of Project Management
Project Management 101
Understanding Corporate Project Management
A Short Course in Project Management
Developing a Project Management Best Practice
Project Management Simply Explained
Finding Humor in Project Management
From Project Management to Program Management
Project Life Cycle
How to Teach Yourself About Project Management
The Virtual PMO
The Key to Successful Project Management
Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2011
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Also see
Glossaries of Project Management Terms
It Depends On What the Meaning of “Is” Is

Some Remarkable Approaches to Managing Projects

Now that you’ve gained an understanding of the overall project management process, it’s useful to consider how the projects could be managed. One rather traditional approach is do the best you can to ensure that all major phases of project management are addressed. Here are two approaches that further enlighten how you might think about managing your projects.
Agile Management (an approach to management)
Agile Project Management Methods for IT Projects (a book chapter)
Benefits Management (defining benefits during and after project)
Project Portfolio Management (a primer)



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