The research cycle

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Metodologi Penelitian

Ashwin Ram :

  • Formalize problem
    • Identify task to be performed
    • Identify domain or class of domains
    • Identify problems to be addressed
  • Develop theoryof how task is performed in domain. Theory includes:
    • Process or algorithmic model
    • Knowledge model
      • What is known (content theory, epistemology)
      • How is it represented (knowledge representation, ontology)
    • Architecture (cognitive architecture, machine architecture)
    • Functional or teleological justification
      • Why is this a good way to do this task in this class of domains? Algorithmic complexity? Hardware limitations? Cognitive plausibility? Ecological benefit?
  • Develop computational instantiation of the theory (system)
  • Evaluate system and theory
    • Empirically evaluate whether system is true to the theory
    • Empirically evaluate theory via experiments with the system
    • Empirically determine strengths and weaknesses of theory
    • Analyze results and determine lessons learned
    • Draw conclusions about theory, especially relating to theory’s claims and justifications
  • Revise and repeat
    • Revise theory based on lessons
    • Revise computational instantiation of theory
    • Repeat

See here for an essay that touches on some of these issues.


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