Hero pose / Virasana

Posted: October 11, 2011 in yoga
Hero Pose

Hero pose / Virasana

step by step

  • You can fold a blanket to pad your ankles, knees or legs if needed.
  • you can either sit on your heels, for some people that is no option. You might need padding under your ankles if the ankles are stiff, or place a pillow between the knees if the knees are stiff.
  • Another way is to keep the knees together, bring the feet a little to the sides and sit between the feet. You could place a folded blanket underneath the buttocks, to raise the hips a little.
  • Just sit and breathe, you can use this pose to meditate in or to do breathing exercises.
  • In the pose keep the side body long, firm your shoulderblades into your back and keep your neck long.
  • Build up the duration that you stay in this pose.

Click on Virasana to find out about the benefits of this pose.


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