Locust pose – Salambhasana

Posted: October 11, 2011 in yoga

Locust pose – Salambhasana

Step by step:

  • Lie on your stomach, arms by your side, palms facing your legs, your chin is on the floor, the part you can see when you look in the mirror.
  • Fix your lower back on the floor by gently pressing your pubic bone into the floor, and by keeping your tailbone moving towards the pubic bone.
  • Than exhale, pull your navel in towards the spine, inhale lift your head, chest and arms off the floor, firming your shoulderblades into your back, and so opening your heart. You can imagine someone someone holding your hands and pulling you back, to come up higher.
  • In the first stage you can keep your legs on the floor. You could repeat this pose 3 times and the third time in the final pose, also raising your legs. You reach back through the balls of the feet, as much as reaching forward through the heart. Hold for about 40 seconds and build up from there.
  • To come out on the exhalation release the body down.

See benefits of Salabhasana / Locust pose on this page or check out the “how to” Locust Pose Video newly updated.


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