Mountain pose /Tadasana

Posted: October 11, 2011 in yoga

Mountain pose /Tadasana

  • Stand with feet together, base of big toes touching, heels slightly apart.
  • Lift knee caps, without overextending the legs.
  • Lift quadriceps (thigh muscles), lift top of femur (thighbone) up and back.
  • Soften flesh of buttocks down away from lumbar, so pelvis is in a neutral position.
  • Draw your abdomen slightly in and up, open your chest, top of sternum lifts.
  • Broaden collarbones, widening between the shoulder blades, base of the shoulder blades are lifting up and in.
  • Arms are by your side, palms facing the thighs.
  • Reach through the top of your head, keep the neck long in line with the spine, look straight ahead.

Click on Tadasana to find out about the benefits of this pose.


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