2. Progress in TQM Activities

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Takenaka Corp

Takenaka introduced TQC in 1976, and since 1996 has promoted it under the name TQM.
In striving to make TQM activities a concrete part of the company, we are practicing TQM activities that are integrated with our operations. Table 2.1 shows the progress in activities.

Fig. 2.1 Deming Prize (1979)

Fig. 2.2 Japan Quality Control Medal (1992)

Table 2.1 Progress in TQC/TQM

  • Introduction of TQC
  • Inauguration of TQC Central Promotion Committee and start of TQC Advisory Committee
  • Enactment of Quality Assurance Manual
  • Start of TQC Circle activities
1978 Decided to “Improve the level of quality assurance” as the basic policy of promoting TQC
  • Awarded the Deming Prize
  • Takenaka visited by Mr. Deming
1982 Takenaka Quality Control Prize (T Prize) started
1988 Deming Prize received by Chairman Takenaka
1992 Awarded Japan Quality Control Medal
1996 English term changed from TQC to TQM
1998 ISO9001 and 14001 certification obtained
2001 Revision of Basic Policy for Promotion of TQM
–Improve the quality of management by promoting vision management and improving the quality of products and service and the quality of operations.

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