Vibrational Frequency & Your Health

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Modern science has proven that every known living substance emits its own electromagnetic frequencies. Our understanding of the human body is shifting from a mechanical-chemical perspective to a quantum-energetic perspective.

Dr. Robert Becker, a pioneer in the field of regeneration and its relationship to electric currents in living things, mapped and recorded the electric potentials at various body parts during the regeneration process in his book, The Body Electric. Dr. Royal Rife’s revolutionary work in the 1920′s documented and demonstrated how precise frequencies could destroy specific organisms such as cancer cells and viruses, while others could be used to prevent the development of disease.

From Rife’s foundational work, Bruce Tainio developed a machine to measure human electrical vibrational frequency, and in 1992 determined that when a person’s frequency drops below the optimum healthy range, the immune system becomes compromised.

Some of his findings include:

  • The frequency of a Healthy Body is 62-78 MHz
  • Disease sets in at 59 MHz
    • Cold and Flu symptoms begin at 58 MHz
    • Epstein Bar 52 MHz
    • Cancer 42 MHz
  • Negative Thoughts lower our body’s frequency by 12 MHz
  • Positive Thoughts raise our body’s frequency by 10 MHz
  • Meditation and Prayer raise our frequency by 15 MHz

20 Ways to Increase Your Frequency & Optimize Your Health

As certain patterns of vibration are associated with good health, one can increase their frequency and optimize their health by applying some easy methods to their daily life:

  1. FOCUS on maintaining positive thoughts
  2. CAST OUT negative thoughts
  3. MUSIC Listening to music is one of the most effective ways to raise & entrain your energy without effort! Or play an instrument, use tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, or simply use the body’s natural instrument through singing, toning & chanting
  4. LAUGH & SMILE often! The heightened frequency of Joy & Laughter IS the best medicine!
  5. CHOOSE FREE-RANGE, Organic, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free whenever possible
  6. NUTRITIONAL BALANCING  Proper nourishment is essential to maintaining high vibrational frequency and health. Nutritional Balancing is a holistic lifestyle program  that safely, effectively & inexpensively creates long-term health, abundant energy & restores the body & mind to its full potential.
  7. GRATITUDE Give thanks & bless your food before eating. Hold your hands over your meal & channel in Gratitude, Love & Positive Energy
  8. MEDITATION Find a quiet moment to pause & meditate for just five minutes a day to recharge & center yourself
  9. RELAXATION Relaxing the mind through Meditation, while also relaxing the physical body provides a tremendous opportunity for release of pent up negative energy & realignment of all systems. Choose calming methods such as Therapeutic Massage, gentle Yoga & Tai Chi to also release & cleanse toxins from the muscles & tissues
  10. RELEASE EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE 90% of all physical illnesses are caused by negative energies trapped & embedded within the etheric field. Most common negative contributors are limiting thought patterns, emotional trauma, harmful images & memories. Examples of effective release methods  include Etheric Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP & Aromatherapy
  11. AROMATHERAPY Pure essential oils quickly access the limbic system upon inhalation, bypassing the ego & the mind, quickly raising our vibration. Fresh produce resonates at 15 MHz, fresh herbs between 12-22 MHz, while the frequencies of essential oils start at 52 MHz & go as high as 320 MHz. Aromatherapy doesn’t have to be complicated! Simply choose any therapeutic-grade oil you feel called to, apply to the palms, inhale & allow the plant to teach, heal & raise your vibration
  12. ENERGETICALLY IMPRINTED CRYSTALS These powerful tools were designed to entrain the user’s energy field to vibrate at higher frequencies, strengthening one’s vital life force energy & fostering health on all levels. Wear your healingaia Crystal Ring in front of the heart chakra daily and before sleep, place it on the mirror included and position it next to your bed. This will create a cocoon of healing and protective frequencies around you while you sleep and restore.
  13. CONSCIOUS BREATHING Focus on the breath to get centered, bring in more oxygen & energize your body. Try visualizing Light filling the body on the inhale & releasing any blockages, negative thoughts & energies on the exhale. Repeat as needed until you feel more aligned & energized. Throughout the day, when stress rears its head…Pause & Breathe!  Take three deep breaths…then let it go!
  14. SLEEP Dream time is the body’s one opportunity to deeply restore, heal & rejuvenate itself. Get plenty of shut eye & let your body naturally raise it’s own frequency
  15. EXERCISE Physical movement not only gets the body’s energy flowing, it stimulates the release of endorphins, which elevate our mood, stress coping skills & frequency. Take a walk, dance or do your favorite workout…just move!
  16. GET CREATIVE Journaling, painting, cooking, composing music…whatever gets your creative juices flowing & brings you joy, just do it with the knowledge that you are getting your energy to flow & healing yourself in the process!
  17. COMMUNE WITH NATURE Let the beauty & wonders of nature inspire & elevate you
  18. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE The most effective way to increase your frequency is to recognize the beauty in every person, thing, event & radiate your love & appreciation without need for recognition or reciprocation
  19. WATER Being well hydrated is essential for maintaining high frequency & for energy to flow optimally throughout the body, its meridians & nerve pathways. Almost all adults need to drink 3 quarts (or more) of water each and every day.  An excellent habit is to drink up to 1 quart of spring water upon arising in the morning
  20. DID WE MENTION WATER?!! Yes, it’s that important!   😉  In addition to drinking plenty of spring water, add 4 tablespoons per day of Energetically Imprinted Water to support in cleansing debris and toxins, and to assist the physical body and layers of the aura in maintaining optimal vibratory frequency



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