20130820 : CECAR6

Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta – Indonesia
20 – 22 August, 2013

1. Introduction
CECAR (Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region) is a major activity of ACECC (The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council) held on a triennial basis started in 1998 in Manila. The ACECC Sixteenth Executive Committee meeting in Sydney in 2008 has decided that the 6th CECAR in 2013 will be hosted by the Indonesian Society of Civil and Structural Engineers (HAKI). This CECAR 6 will be held in Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, at the same time as the annual HAKI conference 2013.

2. Theme
The conference theme is “Embracing the future through sustainability”. This theme is to reflect more challenging present and future role of civil engineering profession to the global society. Evidently, the civil engineers have been very much contributing to human development and quality of life through the provision of infrastructure. But, on the other hand, those infrastructure developments are now contributing to some environmental degradation. Therefore, today’s civil engineers’ role in steering the infrastructure development process towards sustainability is more important than before.

Sustainability is one of important issues raised all over the world especially since the dawn of the 21st Century. Many high executive meetings have been conducted to make agreement in reducing the environmental degradation. Asia region, as one of the fast growing continents in term of economic, is in the middle of it.

Civil engineering profession can offer the solutions to the society and the environment. Civil engineers should take major part in the infrastructure development process, become more aware of social, health, environmental and economic issues, and promote for sustainable development. Now, the civil engineers are in a position to make a tremendous difference.

The areas of special interests to be discussed in the conference include the following:
·         Analytical and Design Methods
·         Applications of Information Technology
·         Bridge Engineering
·         Building Information Modeling
·         Case Studies and Failure Investigation
·         Climate Change and Coastal Management
·         Construction Engineering and Management
·         Disaster Mitigation, Adaptation, Preparedness Strategies
·         Durability and Serviceability of Materials and Structures
·         Education in Civil Engineering
·         Environmental Impacts
·         Ethics and Legal Aspects
·         Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering
·         Green Buildings
·         Innovative Construction Products, Systems, and Practices
·         Mass Transportation
·         Mega Projects
·         New Construction Materials
·         New Energy Resources
·         Performance Based Design and Analysis
·         Prefabrication Technology
·         Recycling of Resources
·         Repairs, Retrofitting and Maintenance
·         River Basin Management
·         Road Safety Challenges
·         Safety and Reliability
·         Standards, Regulations and Codes of Practice
·         Structural Health Investigations
·         Structural Mechanics and Engineering
·         Sustainable Infrastructure/Construction
·         Testing Technology
·         Underground Construction Technologies
·         Urban Problems
·         Wind and Earthquake Engineering

Several technical sessions will also be allocated for the presentation of on-going or completed mega projects in Indonesia.

3. New Important Dates

New extended important dates are:
·         Deadline of Abstract Submission: 10 December 2012
·         Abstract Acceptance Notification: 11 January 2013
·         Deadline of Full Paper Submission: 11 March 2013
·         Full Paper Acceptance Notification: 15 April 2013
·         Deadline of Revised Full Paper Submission: 13 May 2013
·         Early Bird Registration Deadline: 13 May 2013
·         Closing Registration for International: 15 June 2013
·         Closing Registration for Local: 20 July 2013

More information on this conference, please visit this site: www.cecar6.com


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